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Arms flailing,
Fighting just to stay upright.
Terror coursing through my veins.
Dark of night,
Trees all around,
Stumbling, I trip and fall;
Shove myself upright again.
My palms scrape on forest ground
It doesn't register and I push on
Fear spiking my adrenaline,
Making my legs pump faster
Though fatigue is hot on my heels.
I look back in fear,
Catch sight of glowing eyes
My terror rises to new heights.
Branches slap against my face
I don't feel the pain.
I swipe my hand across my eyes,
Blood blurs my night vision
I strive to go faster.
Can't see the trail
A sound echoes from somewhere,
An animal sound
I've never heard before;
It comes from my own throat.
Terror surges
Fear of something behind me.
Claws catch my leg,
Cause sharp pain I can't ignore
I'm caught
:iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 0 0
Pulse of Life
An iceberg calves, some place far away
But none's attention is there to pay
As the dark skuas fly far above
The penguins who can't afford to love
Same moment far diff'rent place
A bird falls flat on its face
It makes a frustrated cry
As it slowly learns to fly
Somewhere in the dark forest
Where love is at its poorest
A young tiger is alone
Mother taken from their home
This is just the pulse of life
Though it always causes strife
When a child too young to die
Through pain watches her mom cry
Life gives us a horrid stare
Yet with pain we're made aware
That the world still goes around
And our inner peace is found
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A glimmer is seen on the horizon
Is it a guide to future happiness
Or a warning to travelers not to draw near?
Life was never promised to us on a platter
We knew it wouldn't be an easy ride
No guarantees
So why are we surprised when bad stuff happens?
We think it'll happen to someone else
But we're all someone else
To everyone else that's out there
Yes, your life might fall apart
But be strong and conquer the fears
Pick up the pieces and learn from mistakes
Nothing in this world is ever free
Don't be afraid to reach out and love
Yes, you might lose the one close to you
But then the love's all the more precious
You'll be able to move on
And be all the stronger for it
You'll gain a new outlook on life
Even if it doesn't treat you any kinder
By helping yourself you'll help others
As you reach down to give them a hand up
They will thank you with a sad smile
You'll be able to return it
Because you've been there
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Walk Away
She stares at him in disbelief
Fear and pain fly across her face
How can he think of leaving her?
He tries to tell her it's for her own good
But it can't get past the roaring in her ears
She drops to the floor in shock
Sinking down beside her, he tries to speak
His voice breaks and he tries again
Explaining all the things he's done wrong
Saying he doesn't deserve her
She wants to scream at him,
Tell him that he's wrong
But she can't speak right now
And the words build up in her mind
He stops and looks at her anxiously
Hating what he thinks he has to do
Finally she finds her voice
And loudly begins to protest,
Begins listing vices of her own
He looks at her with sad eyes
And tears spill down her cheeks,
For he doesn't believe her
When she says he is good and she loves him
Maybe her love isn't strong enough
She cries as she realizes this
And frantically tries to tell him
Tries to make him understand
But he takes all the blame and
Explains his cross is not hers
Leaving her crying he gets
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Memories and Photographs
I'm not important to you anymore
I've become nothing to you
When I look into your eyes
I'm reflected, not absorbed
Sighing, I turn away in pain
Knowing it's too late
I've been put away
Put in a box like an old photo
One of those you find every few years or so
You laugh at the happy memories
Then tuck it away again
But right now you don't even realize
What you're doing to me
I'm going through the pain,
Working hard to survive,
Though now I'm just a faded photograph
But you don't know that yet
One day you will, oh yes you will
And I don't envy you then
You'll look around and search for me
But you won't be able to find me
You'll search through everything
Trying to ignore that sinking feeling in your heart
And then you'll go through that box of memories
There you'll find me, dusty and forgotten
Buried beneath old awards and medals,
That you don't even remember
You might cry as you dust the photos off
For you the pain is just beginning
Yes, maybe one day you'll remember me
But by then I'll
:iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 0 0
Mature content
Victims :iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 0 0
Everyday Horror
Life sits on a teetering edge
One we cannot escape
We look for ways to survive
But is this dark our fate?
I look out on this world and see
That horror surrounds us all
You see it in ev'ryday hate
Or in a plane's fateful fall
Children die and people kill
And yet the world goes round
A way to bury the war axe
I wish that we have found
Though there is much light
Darkness is a part of life
And sometimes I wish in vain
It didn't add so much strife
I know this is a futile wish
Wars happen and we fight
There is bloodshed, death, and tears
But yet there still is light
:iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 0 0
Darkness surrounds me
And I can bear the light no longer
I am in a prison
Not of my own choosing
I don't know how to get out
How to bear the light again
The darkness claimed me
Though I didn't give it permission
I didn't let it in
But now I'm filled with myself
And the light cannot get through
It is a ring of light
That I am outside of now
Non-linear time that stretches in all directions
I want to step over
Become a light-bearer again
This prison made of darkness
I wish to escape
But now the light burns down on me
As I am brought outside
They search for a cure but it's too late
I am now one with the darkness
:iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 0 0
Rock Song
She sits, swinging her legs
In time to the beat of her inner tempo
Wondering idly what her life will be like
Will it be meaningless drivel in the streets
Or something to be remembered throughout the ages?
She cannot see ahead, though she'd like to
And can't foresee the direction her life will take
Though she's not sure
She likes where it's going right now
She's one of those people it's hard to get real close to
She doesn't like to let many near her heart,
Knowing it is the wellspring of life
Romance was nearly nonexistant
Until a couple months ago
But now she's unsure of what to do
He asked her to be his but now she's not sure
If he would really stay beside her
She does't know if he's serious about her
Her mood changes as she thinks about these things
And instead of a bouncy pop song, a sad rock melody begins to play
She wishes for wisdom, for direction in this confusing life
Sighing, she raises her face to the breeze
Knowing she wishes for the impossible just right now
Wisdom is gaine
:iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 0 2
I want this feeling
To go away from me
I want to be numb
Not let anything hurt me
Can't let antone near me
Because it might hurt again
I want to be able to
Become as ice
And not feel a thing
Watch the pain flow over me
Like water droplets on a stone statue
But you're getting close to me
You've begun to invade my heart
No! Don't come any closer!
I don't want to cause you grief
I don't want to feel this pain
Engulf me again like a tidal wave
That surrounds and threatens to drown me
Why are you doing this?
Why do you offer to love me so?
I think longingly on numbness
Of the thought of no pain
Should I build the walls?
Walls that would be like a castle's keep
One that could never be breached
I want to feel my pain fall away
Just be...numb
But words come to me
As if from a far-off dream
Or maybe it's a memory
Did someone whisper these words to me
And cause them to echo in my head?
Faintly but profoundly, they speak to me...
It's better to have loved and lost
Than to have never lo
:iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 0 0
I look into your eyes
I try to read the thoughts
That rest behind them
What are you thinking?
I know that it's there
Maybe I could find it
But I need to know
Would you tell me?
I have given you all I am
I try not to ask for more
But I've given you my heart
Will you give me yours?
I hate to ask for more
I don't want to sound selfish
But I need human love
Can you give it to me?
You make me feel happy inside
You make me feel whole
When you're standing by my side
But do I do the same for you?
I need to know if you're
Really serious about this
I want this to last forever
But is that just a fantasy?
:iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 0 3
A fear, an uncertainty
Where are you going?
When your life ends,
Where will you be?
A dreaded word
Yes, inevitable
Though some try to say that's not true
That there's another way
Fear for yourself
Fear for your loved ones
For those you'll leave behind
You'll make this journey alone
You're the only way, Lord
Is that the reason for uncertainty?
That some don't realize
That some are blind to the Truth?
Or is the fear caused by something else?
A fear that you're not good enough?
That you haven't done enough,
That you're going to hell?
The word strikes fear into a heart
Yet also a longing
What will it be like
To have something never end?
Then the fear returns
Will you spend forever
In eternal remorse?
Or forever bliss?
Cling to your Father for comfort
He will show you the way
He is your Savior and will be with you
Only He can show you through
:iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 0 0
Tears in the Oceans
All the tears of the world
Make up the oceans
A piece of my soul lies here,
Some of everyone is here
In the oceans
Gentle winds sweep along the waves
A storm breaks
And there is much rain,
Many tears
Tears in the oceans
But after the rain comes the calm
A short time of peace
Then my heart is torn again
And the calm is shattered
Gone again
And one begins to wonder
"Will it ever return?"
For some lost souls
Their life is a life of storms
Hearts betrayed
Souls destroyed
For others, some like me
There is some calm
Not a life without storms...
I laugh if someone suggests such
Nay, my life is not free
From the torments and tortures of this world
Let it be said, rather
That I, perhaps
Lead a safer life
Not in the physical sense
But in the spiritual
While I am tossed by the storms,
I have a lifeline
Sometimes it lies loose in my hand
Other times I grasp it with all my strength
But it's always there
My God, my Father
My Eternal Lifeline
He who collects my tears in a bottle
:iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 0 2
The girl who smiles
As she hands you your change
Had been abused as a child
But now she's a young woman
Grown strong and proud
She escaped from her cage
The teenager who helps
The old lady cross the street
Was involved in shootings a year ago
Someone helped him escape
That life filled with hate
And now he strives to be free
The young mom who lives next door
Cut herself as a teen
Convinced she couldn't be loved
But a guy proved her wrong
He loved her and her scars
And they've been married for years
Where are the demons in your past?
:iconshadowed-poetry:shadowed-poetry 1 6

Random Favourites

Scissor Skies :iconistherenosanity:IstherenosanitY 7 8
Intergalactic Love Story
Here I sit on mars,
Searching for an ounce of what makes you, you,
But all that I can find is red dust,
And meteor rocks,
So I get in my spaceship,
And at light speed I head off on an intergalactic quest,
Trying to settle the confusion in my mind,
For they always said;
Men are from mars,
But I could not find you there,
So here I sit in my spaceship,
Searching for answers,
And the music builds,
As my quest continues,
So I land on a moon of Jupiter,
And my binoculars reveal life,
So I run in slow motion,
Is it you?
No just a mouse gnawing at the cheese
Of which the moon is made of,
For that's what they always told us,
Moons are made of cheese,
So I am back in my spaceship,
Searching for you,
And the music builds more and more,
As my quest becomes more desperate,
I fly into the sun,
Past the blinding white flames,
Until I reach the core,
And all that I have gained,
Is Icarus,
For his wings may have burned,
But he survived the fall,
And jumps aboard,
To get a lift home,
So we head off in m
:iconcrimson-stains:Crimson-Stains 3 29
Painless Suicide
No longer any feelings
Completely dead inside
Say it was easier to go
but it took more
The pain can't be replaced
the pain was taken to the grave
No one is left
None of them were enough
Wasn't ever strong enough
Always ran
This is their final escape
The night consumes their dread
as they finish what they started
then they fall slowly dying
an agonizing death
who ever said suicide was painless
has never succeeded
:iconlightningsiren:lightningsiren 1 0
Solitary Confinement
I'm always the last one to know
I'm left out of the loop
And even when my friends surround me
I'm not part of the group
She has him and he has her
He's every boy, she's every girl
And here I stand, what everyone
who's ever loved and lost becomes
I am a solitary man
With my solitary frown
Kneeling at my reliquary
Of broken hearts and dreams let down
A simple servant of my sorrow
Live for today, die for tomorrow
I am a martyr for my misery
And I am dying for some company
As I gaze into the flames
I see the faces, hear the names
of all the couples as they dance
And whisper words of their romance
But I'm just standing by the fire
Left with a longing and desire
and a need for someone near
To dance and whisper with me here
I am a solitary man
With my solitary frown
Kneeling at my reliquary
Of broken hearts and dreams let down
A simple servant of my sorrow
Live for today, die for tomorrow
I am a martyr for my misery
And I am dying for some company
I'm just dyin' for some compa
:iconsecretsimulacrum:SecretSimulacrum 0 4
A past that cannot be erased
No matter how hard you try
As your heart slowly starts to break
Your broken wings won't let you fly
Putting on a smile, you fake a laugh
Pretending it's not true
But you know throughtout this little routine
That the joke is really on you
He was your pillar, the one
Who wiped away your tears
He made you feel all warm inside
Andd took away your fears
Now he's far beyond your reach
Where no human shall ever enter
Yet Cupid's arrow was still true to it's course
And hit your heart dead center
Now your dreams have all come ture
But you wish deep inside
That he, the first one to give you their love
Was still by your side
:iconx-tsukai-x:x-Tsukai-x 5 4
Couldn't Be More Obvious
"Couldn't be more obvious"
She scribbled on a note
previously used for something better.
Everybody knows
and it's all or nothing now
so head first is the way to go.
Apparently, though,
the way to go is too shallow,
at least before high tide
on a clear, uncluttered afternoon.
"Subtlety's for suckers"
She thought
And who'da thunk a shy kid like she
would be so explicit?
Is it a phase?
Those teen-age drama days
when the sun's rays
made her shade her eyes but
set her spectral hair ablaze?
"Exactly what was it I was saying again?"
She said in her head
as she drug the pen.
The words that twist round my tongue and then
bend, transcend your average blend
of syllables and rhyme. and I'm
not certain where I'm going with any of this
but I'm pretty sure I'll get there
and obviously
you just couldn't care
:iconpaisleyblue:paisleyblue 1 0
Fade To Dust
With this one last blade,
seeping down through my skin.
All my hurt released,
that was once held within.
I feel my body loosen,
as my blood drips free.
I look around for hope,
and you is all I see.
My eyes transfix upon you,
but I don't see you clear.
Words dance from your mouth,
words I so desperatley want to hear.
But your image fades to dust,
and my knees crash to the floor.
Your heels spin with speed,
as your shadow slips through the door.
Now I'm left alone,
to my own tragic end.
But lets just forget,
and this we'll all pretend,
this we'll all pretend,
it never happened.
:iconsuicidexmakeover:suicidexmakeover 1 0
Too Close
You got too close,
I pushed you out.
You loved me pure,
without a doubt.
But this is me,
my defenses raised.
Too shy, too scared,
to hold your gaze.
Your words mean nothing,
they float away.
I wont let you in,
or have your way.
I am a secret,
for no one to guess.
I am the soul,
of a tradgic mess.
It's best to go,
when things get deep.
It's best to leave,
before we meet.
I wont let you in,
my dear you see.
For I, my baby,
have lost the key.
:iconsuicidexmakeover:suicidexmakeover 2 0
I cannot help it
I cant stop my beating heart.
It surely beats for you.
All I ever wanted was to take your hand.
I could never be the one for you.
Nothing left for me here yet I linger.
Holding onto what could have been.
Makking life harder to bare.
Each day is a new depth,
that I dive to without you.
I can't seem to find myself.
In this hole, I'm here alone.
And here to stay.
The love, for me it has disapeared,
And shall never return to me to bloom again.
:iconlastpsion:LastPsion 2 1



Seremela Miriel = my Elvish name
United States
Current Residence: somewhere in the united states
Favourite genre of music: rock
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